Visual Artist

One of the nice things that has happened, upon being involved with a set of artists, is that I've realized I'm really a visual artist. Photography was and is my first love, but I can draw. I can draw!

The finished version of this is on the website.

It's liberating. 

There's actually a deep historical connection between drawing and photography. Henry Fox-Talbot  - who is really the inventor of the modern photographic process with negative and positive images - was a frustrated artist. He was too impatient to use a camera lucida and wanted to save the image automatically. (A camera lucida uses a prism or half-silvered mirror to merge the image of what you're drawing with what you're seeing in your eye - sounds gross but it's not.) He realized that he couldn't save the fleeting lucida images and turned to the camera obscura. After a few years of experiments and a lot of silver nitrate he developed the calotype.

I don't have any good examples of real calotypes, because the process is rather complex, but it would look something like this:

where I've simulated the paper negative with a texture and adjusted the color response before making a black and white image. (Silver halides are relatively insensitive to red light and over sensitive to blue and UV.)  I'll leave you with another example:

PS - there's another fun thing about drawing. When you get trolled, you can draw away your feelings (not that this is great art).